X-Files S01 E07–12

1x07 Ghost In The Machine

More ghosts, but this one is more about technology and computers taking over the world etc. Like this nerd guy has a building totally controlled by computers! It’s the future! It’s ‘Virginia’ but you can clearly see the skytrain behind them, looks like somewhere near Metrotown. M’s old partner wants his help (everyone always wants his help, to say he’s regarded as a crazy basement dwelling loon), so he helps, but the guy kinda steals his ideas like a dick, then gets killed by a malevolent elevator. Karma. Deep Throat is back telling M that the military wants the tech or something, and eventually M manages to upload a disc to destroy the murderous PC. But oh no, the guy who made it is now going to cooperate with the government and make another one! Soon the government will have buildings full of murderous elevators!

1x08 Ice*

Classic! Felicity Huffman is a scientist along with a guy who sort of looks like Bill Pullman, and it’s basically a rip off of The Thing, but it’s all good! We’re in the arctic and some evil alien bug thing has been disturbed from beneath the ice and now it gets inside people and makes them get violent and make trouble. The scientists all kill each other, then M & S and Huffman and others get there and the same thing happens to them. The good part is that nobody can tell when they’ve been infected, so everyone suspects everyone else. And there’s a pilot called Bear and he gets it and they have to get it out of him grossly but he dies. Then at the end they manage to not kill each other and go into quarantine and M wants to go back but, oh no the government burned the whole place up because, aliens! Oh Rats!

1x09 Space

This one is super weird and dumb. There’s some sort of evil space ghost (?) that got in an astronaut and it’s related to some weird configuration of rocks on Mars that looks like a face kinda if you squint. There’s a bunch of space stuff all low budget where the infected astronaut, now a mission commander many years later, for some reason wants to sabotage stuff, launches and the like. And then at the end he dies and nobody cares. But M is a big fan of astronauts! They’re cool! S doesn’t care and seems to have an empty life and no interests and hate everything.

1x10 Fallen Angel

More alien abduction stuff. I know that’s the main thrust of the series, but it feels heavy on that side of things in these early episodes and I usually enjoy monster of the week stuff more. Again M finds out about some possible alien stuff. He heads right over, gets detained, gets involved with some kook who might be crazy, might be genius. They sniff around some more, S dismisses the whole thing as a crashed Libyan fighter jet (flying over America??) and then the dude has an (induced?) seizure in his RV. M saves him, then he gets abducted right in front of M but oh no, nobody else saw it! What are the odds! And some bigwigs say hey let’s close the X-Files, but in some meeting outside SFU, Deep Throat is like, nah let’s keep it open, what the hell.

1x11 Eve

Not that interesting but pretty sure it’s the Riverview Mental Hospital for the first time! I worked on Arrow out there once. I was in a Russian prison. Anyway, some lady scientist is doing experiments on kids and there’s like 50 of these genetically made kids who all are identical. Something to do with cold war super soldiers or whatever, nobody cares. And the kids do some stuff, then near the end M & S have to escort them somewhere for some reason and they nearly escape by drugging S but then they don’t and get stuck in some lab or something. The only fun or interesting part is them trying to escape. Low energy.

1x12 Fire

This was — I don’t think intentionally — for the most part hilarious. Some leprechaun type dude guy can make fire come out of his hands or arms or something and uses this power to burn people up for no real reason apart from he seems to be a bit of a dick, and have something of a leprechaun personality. Whatever that means. He’s the groundsmen for some posh relocated English family in some part of the north east like Connecticut or something that looks like Vancouver, and nearly burns the house down and kills them all but M saves them. M is brought into the case by some sexy English lady who he used to date at Oxford apparently (once again, he’s the one agent everyone wants to work with), and she seems a bit of a dick and we never see her on the show ever again. No explanation is ever given for why the guy lights on fire or why he uses this power to burn people up, it’s just he’s a naughty rascal or whatever, so why not eh?




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